LeAnn Conley, Heath Conley, Dean West, & Ryan Coker 

We love what we do. And we think you will too. We are passionate about the heritage of our craft. We think there are few things better than running your hand over the grain of an aged beam, feeling its craftsmanship and years. And we get great joy from knowing we are preserving these heritage materials and helping them live on in our modern world.

LeAnn Conley. As President of Timber & Beam, LeAnn knows a thing or two about building things. But before she came to us, she was building businesses, not homes. Her background in marketing, strategy and business development has helped Timber & Beam better serve our clients and grow by 200% since she took the helm. “If you had told me 12 years ago I would be talking to people about old wood, I would have said you were crazy!”

Heath Conley, Director of Operations. When we say background is everything we mean it. Heath started in the construction industry at a young age. His vast experience makes him an expert at time management and jobsite challenges. He manages the expectations of both the builders and designers to ensure that each job runs smoothly. A jack of all trades quality control expert. "I have a passion for what I do and I extend that passion to each client I work with"

Dean West

Dean West. As Dean’s one-pickup, one-man company began to grow into the successful construction business it is today, he noticed something interesting. Many of his clients were asking him to install reclaimed wood into their projects. So much so, that Dean created a team that set off across the heartland to find key historic structures as sources for that unique lumber. And Timber & Beam was born. Dean was the original founder of Timber & Beam and is also an owner of West Construction, Tulsa Foam Insulation, and WestCo Steel.


Ryan Coker- Carpenter

Ryan was born in Tulsa and grew up in Owasso. His dad was a carpenter turned jet engine mechanic and his mom was a teacher in Owasso. He grew up hunting and fishing with his grandfather on their farm and across the country. As a kid he always worked in the woodshop with his dad.  He got a job painting houses at 16 and went to work for Fuller Roofing at 17.

Through this experience he began learning all aspects of construction. He then chose to dabble into the sales and production side of construction.  

He sold and produced jobs in Tulsa and Oklahoma City before he went to work a hailstorm in upstate New York. From there his travels took him to Arizona where he ran his own construction company. All his travels brought him back to Owasso in 2016 where he dove back into wood working and carpentry full time. He has been with Timber and Beam since January 2018.

As far as his hobbies he enjoys hunting and fishing.