Heritage Materials

Character comes standard. From multi-million dollar developments to local offices, for almost two decades we’ve been integrating heritage materials to commercial and residential projects. We help you identify your own style while offering our experience and craft as a guide, finding a perfect balance of past, present and “Oh wow, where did you get that?”

Exterior Residential Design Service


From custom decks to landscape features to open-air structures and indoor-outdoor transitions, we help you plan, dream and create unique environments to surround and enhance your home.

Interior Residential Design Services


Bring history into your daily story with holistic interior design, custom-fabricated installations and more. We offer a complete range of services to help you bring your personal design vision to life.

Architectural Residential Design Service


From the ground up or for the perfect finish, let us bring the unique character of heritage materials into your next project. We can partner with your existing architect or contractor, or even start from scratch.