The Belmont Collection

Equestrian Farms dot the landscape in the states of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. Miles of beautiful horse fencing line the roads and countryside. There the elements and time create a one of a kind product rich in colors of aged white, grey and black. Primarily a mix of red and white oak it provides a durable product that will endure.

 Rustic White

Black and Tan

Sculpted Brown

New Face Weathered

The Midwest Collection

Once a staple of the Midwest Landscape, family farms are now falling prey to time and neglect. Architectural marvels of their time, the barn served as the center of farm life. Today a new generation tells the story of the barn.  A story of re-purpose, resurrection and reclamation. The Midwest Collection is created from the siding of Midwest barns. A softwood blend of Long Leaf Pine, Douglas Fir and White Pine gives these a rich palate of patina brown.

Farmhouse Teal

Farmhouse Yellow

Farmhouse Red

Farmhouse White

Brown Oil Rubbed


Tobacco Brown Black


The Hemlock Collection

Once a giant in the virgin timber forest of old, the mighty hemlock has lived a wasteful fate at the hands of humanity. The entire hemlock forest lay naked stripped of their precious bark only left to rot.  This process of waste only to be halted when the tannery industry heavily deforested its resource and environmental impacts were being brought to light. A true survivor the mighty hemlock had made a resurgence only to face demise again at the hands of a foreign pest.  The Wooly Adelgid a native to Asia has made the eastern hemlock its new host. The Hemlock Collection has committed to using this dying resource at the core of its modern collection.  A gorgeous grain structure and stability provides us with a perfect canvas.

Rustic White

Rustic Red

Weathered Brown