Trend: Au Naturel

Trend: Au Naturel

Au Naturel

adjective  au na·tu·rel  \ ˌō-ˌna-tə-ˈrel , -ˌna-chə- \
a : being in natural style or condition


When you think of "Reclaimed Wood', you may automatically visualize a rustic country cabin feel and think there is no way that could blend with a modern style or how it could fit into your own space. Truth is, natural elements are on trend and making a huge statement in modern style homes! If you have not been hiding under a rock in the last year, I am sure you have heard of Fixer Upper, the HGTV show starring Chip and Joanna Gaines out of Waco, TX. They are masters at blending natural wood elements in their modern farmhouse style homes! Take these reclaimed timber beams for example:


"We added these wooden beams to highlight the unique vault of the ceiling" -At Home (A Blog by Joanna Gaines)


The reclaimed timber beams add an element of interest to the ceiling vault and gives a natural warmth to the room. Another example is seen in the Pottery Barn Fall 2017 Catalog with natural timbers outlining the room and acting as an accent on the fireplace: 

-Pottery Barn


Natural materials are making an appearance in almost every design style whether it is a ceiling beam application, flooring, mantles, or accent furniture. At Timber & Beam we deal specifically in reclaimed natural materials. We bring down 1800-1900 era barn structures that are busting at the seams with heritage lumber and re-purpose that material in homes and businesses all over the U.S. 
One of my favorite projects that I am working on at the moment is the Adams residence. The beams we selected for this home have a gorgeous natural brown color tone and were hand hewned in Danville, OH back in 1890 when the original barn structure was built! 


This structure doesn't look like much, but WOW the beams that came out of this structure were JAW. DROPPING. Here are some sneaky peeks of the Adams residence where these OH reclaimed beams were recently installed:



Keep an eye out in a few months for photos of the finished Adams home! In the meantime, use your creativity to envision where in your home you could use natural wood elements. If you need some inspiration, come see me at Timber & Beam Showroom and GET INSPIRED.



Cover Photo Cred: CC + Mike Creative

Reclaimed Timber Mantle: Timber & Beam